Feeling Fancy in The French Riviera

In the French Riviera, I ate crepes! We didn’t get a chance to eat them while we were in Paris, so I took full advantage of the fact that we were still in France and the crepe situation was still abundant. Who doesn’t love a good crepe?!

We bounced around the South of France for six nights and it was glorious. Stopping in Nice for one night, Monaco for two and Cannes for three. I was under the impression that all three cities would be very similar as they all sit right along the coast of the Riviera, I was wrong. Each city had a completely different vibe and the way that we planned our visits couldn’t have been more perfect.


With glittering seas and ideal beaches, the French Riviera is the perfect tropical getaway. It’s the Caribbean of the European jet set, and oh how I would love to make it my annual spring break destination. There is nowhere more glamorous than Monte Carlo or Cannes and I never wanted to leave!!


We arrived in Nice by train from Geneva early Thursday afternoon. Nice was my least favorite of the three cities we visited on the coast, so I was happy with our decision to only stay for one night. We last minute booked a room at a small boutique hotel called Hotel Excelsior. It was really cute and only blocks away from the sea, which was a huge perk! Once we walked to the beach, the views of the sea were beautiful. Deep blue waters with accents of teal sparkled along a rocky beach while a picturesque hill crowded with tiny square homes made for a screensaver setting. It was charmingly European, but the city itself was quite dirty.


Walking along the Promenade des Anglais, which is Nice’s beautiful palm-lined seafront, was the first thing we did when we arrived. Not as romantic as I had imagined it would be as rocks kept getting stuck in my shoes causing my mood to alter. So we decided to take a stroll into the old town where rocks were less likely to make me crabby. Nice is known for good living and rich history. It is filled with young French people who live there to take in the exceptional art scene, Mediterranean food and lower prices (lower than any of the other cities along the coast on the Riviera).



Old town was sweet. A large square surrounded by Palm trees sat in the center with a huge fountain where tourists took pictures and locals ate gelato. Scattered throughout the square were these long funny looking poles with what looked to be figurines of humans meditating illuminated by neon lights. It was rather bizarre, but made for something intriguing to observe! Just beyond the square, tiny cobbled streets dispersed filled with hundreds of Mediterranean restaurants. We ended up having dinner outside under the stars at a tiny spot where we ate local fare. We were serenaded by who seemed to be a 17 year old boy genuinely singing old school Destiny’s Child songs accompanied by his acoustic guitar. It was quite an interesting event, but I would never complain over a Destiny’s Child song lineup being played in the background of my dinner, of course!






Friday morning we eagerly woke up to catch the slow regional train to Monte Carlo, Monaco – the world’s second smallest country (Vatican city being the smallest!). Lifestyles of the rich and famous perfectly describe this luxurious yacht town. Being a top destination for high rolling gamblers, celebrities and the super wealthy, it has been on my bucket list for years to see exactly what it’s all about. Known for its sparkling harbor, outrageous yachts, high-end shopping, fancy streets and ritzy casinos, there is no doubt that the prices might make your stomach sink. Being as unreachably expensive as it is, many people take day trips from Nice as it is only an hour train ride away. We stayed two nights on the beach at the Le Meridian Hotel – which had an amazing pool, private beach, and was only a minutes walk from the main part of the city.


The hotel thought it was our honeymoon (ah the perks of being young newly weds on vacation!), so we got upgraded to a huge room on the top floor with a balcony overlooking the Sea. We had been debating whether or not we wanted to stay right in town at the infamous Hotel de Paris or stay on the beach… and this upgrade confirmed that we indeed did make the right decision! This European adventure has been amazing, but exhausting at times. We are always on the go, running from museums to sights to restaurants to attractions…. so we were extremely looking forward to doing basically nothing but cocktail by the water during our stay.


We wanted to get exploring the town out of the way so that we could spend the rest of our time relaxing. So that was the first thing we did! Walking through the fancy streets, shopping the extremely high-end retail and eating lunch near the famous casino. The town is funny… Other than the casino and harbor where ginormous yachts crowd the water, there is not much else to Monte Carlo! The restaurant situation is far and few and the shops are scattered and not easily accessibly located. It was still fun to see the main square, harbor, park, and shop through the streets, but there wasn’t much going on. In a strange way, it kind of reminded me of the ritzy part of Beverly Hills.





Our first night, we ate dinner on the beach at a small restaurant we stumbled upon while walking along the water. We ate seafood and watched the sunset, it was nothing fancy, but so beautiful!

Our entire Saturday was spent by the water, alternating from beach to pool. The pool at our hotel was really nice and the beach bar was even better. Tropical cocktails flowed over competitive card games (I’m better than my husband at gin, but he’s too embarrassed to admit that!). Other than soaking up the sun and staring at a sparkly hombrė teal to navy Sea, there’s not much else to say! It was perfect. We ate lunch at one of the outdoor bistros at the hotel and then dined at the other outdoor restaurant for dinner that night. We literally did not leave the hotel for one minute and it was heaven!








A firework show ended our evening 🙂 Monte Carlo was great.





Sunday morning we boarded the slow regional train to Cannes – home of the Cannes Film Festival and celebrity sightings. Cannes was my favorite of the three stops we made in the French Riviera, and no… I didn’t even run into any movie stars! Lush palm trees, beautiful people, sexy beaches and a seafront town to die for make up this ritzy region.



We stayed at the most beautiful Design Hotel called Five Sea Hotels. With a rooftop pool, exceptional spa, patisserie/cafe and wonderful food, we couldn’t go wrong. The restaurant scene was amazing and the shopping was perfect! With hardly any cars driving on the narrow side streets, we walked a ton and found some really cool spots.


One of my favorite dinners of our whole trip was eaten our first night there at a place called Restaurant La Brouette De Grand Mere. It was a French brasserie with no menus and a set price. Here’s how it worked: we sat down and they just started bringing food accompanied by a glass of cava (champagne) to our table. Starters included fois gras, salad, cheese and meats galore! They then asked us, “white, red or rosė” – these were the wine options. Once we were set up at a table filled with delicious starters and a bottle of French wine, they greeted us yet again with five different entree choices. I’m not done yet. Before our entree came out, they gave us the freshest salmon carpaccio accompanied by an ice cold shot of vodka. Which my husband and I found quite humorous. And then after the entree came desert! And our bellies were filled with all things wonderful. I love dining experiences like that. It was such a fun night!



Much of Monday was spent roaming the streets if Cannes, which are so cute. High-end designers neighbor small boutiques while fancy restaurants neighbor burger joints. It’s the perfect mix of everything! We walked along the harbor, staring at all the sail boats anchored on top of one another and found an old street that lead up a steep hill where a beautiful castle sits.










Later that afternoon, we reserved two lounge chairs on the beach through our hotel. We had the option of laying on chairs in the sand directly in front of the water or laying in chairs up on a pier. Sand is not my husbands favorite thing, so we laid in the sun on the pier overlooking the ocean, boat drinks in hand 🙂





We had our hotel make us dinner reservations at this swanky French restaurant called L’Affable. It was more upscale than our meal the night before, so I dressed myself up with some coral lipstick and one (one of the two) of the dresses I brought. A great wine list and huge window from the kitchen into the dining room so that guests can watch the chefs cook called for a really fun night.

We spent our entire Tuesday lounging by the rooftop pool at our hotel. It was so nice. The infinity pool looked out over the whole city with a sliver view of the ocean. So if you can imagine, it was a fabulous day. We ate lunch by the pool, fought off aggressive seagulls and just relaxed. We ended the afternoon with a couples massage at the spa followed by a bottle of wine, burgers and a Mad Men marathon. Now that is my kind of day!





Early Wednesday morning we ran (like chickens) to the train station where we were planning on boarding the regional line from Cannes to the Nice airport to catch our flight to Barcelona. Little did we know, all the trains were on strike. So literally nothing was running. We hated the thought, but figured we had to bite the bullet and take a very expensive cab ride to the Nice airport. Again, little did we know all the cab drivers were on strike too! In a serious panic, we contemplated renting a car… just to get us to the Nice airport (a little over an hours drive from Cannes). We ran back to the hotel (like chickens) and our very kind concierge informed us that there was a bus leaving in four minutes heading to the Nice airport. So for the third time that brisk Wednesday morning, we ran (like chickens) to the bus stop a couple blocks away and paid €40 for a ride to the airport.

A series of unfortunate events lead to a smooth plane ride from the South of France and into the heat of Barcelona (where, just our luck, there was another strike). Tales on tapas, sangria and Spanish rice coming soon! Until then, safe travels!