To The Women I Admire Most – Moms

This morning, I ate a strange European bagel accompanied by a cappuccino (because you can’t find regular coffee anywhere here in Europe) for breakfast. And it got me thinking just how much I’d rather be eating pancakes, drinking normal coffee, at the kitchen counter with my mom. This Mother’s Day, it’s hard for me not to feel the tiniest bit nostalgic for moments like these. It’s so easy to take for granted the little things – like burnt Folgers coffee and brief meaningless mom conversations where she’s telling you to be nicer to your husband in the mornings. I’m not a morning person, it’s not entirely my fault.


Today I would like to send my mom, the woman I admire the most, a million kisses – from 4,465 miles away. Happy Mama’s Day to the woman┬áwho taught me how to love, how to smile, how to dance (…..), and most importantly, how to dream. From mean boys next door to mean girls at school – thanks for teaching me how to “kill them with kindness” and for making me stronger. For all the times you held me close and drove me around the quiet streets of Delafield after school just to take my mind off the struggles of being a middle schooler with headgear… or a teenager with braces. For reminding me that everything happens for a reason and that life is truly wonderful. For teaching me how to be humble enough to understand that I am not better than anyone else, but smart enough to realize that I am different from everyone. For working hard to create a bond between me and my four sisters that is so close it is often times incomprehensible to others. For teaching me to follow my heart and not worry about what other people think. And for reminding me that to be happy is all that matters! I’ve learned from my mom that taking risks can lead to the most beautiful things in life. And it all starts with doing something far outside your comfort zone. Because of what I have consumed from my mom, I’ve gained the truest friends, the closest family, a wonderful life and the most amazing husband in the world.


So, thanks mom! I love you with all my heart. And Happy Mother’s Day ­čÖé You’ve raised five happy children and for that you should be very proud.

I would also like to wish my two older sisters (aka: my best friends forever) a Happy Mothers Day. Julia – the eldest of us five sisters – who is the strongest Mom I know. Who encourages imagination and adventure to her daughter, my four year old niece Maddalena. And Becky – the second eldest of us five sisters – who makes being a mom look like the most fun job in the entire world. Who is constantly kissing, admiring and reminding her two kids, my four year old nephew Daniel and two year old niece/goddaughter Olivia, that they are the most special kids in the universe.



Also, I can’t forget my childhood best friend, Maggie. Who has taught me through having her one year old daughter, Braelyn, that there is no love even comparable to that of your own child’s love. And who is a constant reminder that life is precious and to cherish all the moments we were blessed with.


And to my mother-in-law, Mama K, who traveled all the way to Germany to meet my husband and me on our great adventure. She is a true inspiration and someone I diligently take notes from on how to be a kind loving mother and a bundle of fun all wrapped in the sweetest package. The easiest person to talk to that can somehow miraculously relate to anyone and everyone. And my second mom. I love you!


Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Mamas out there! You have the most important job in the world and for that you should proud ­čÖé

Signing off from Karlovy Vary – a Spa Town in the Czech Republic! Stay tuned for my tales on Bavaria!