Hamburger Happy in Hamburg

In Hamburg, I ate the most delicious hamburger, because Hamburg is the amazing city where the hamburger was invented! And in the case you don’t know me at all, hamburgers (cheeseburgers to be exact) are my favorite food category in the entire world. It’s actually shocking to most that I have gone almost two months without a burger. So clearly, I was giddy excited for Hamburg like a kid on Christmas morning! We stayed in the second largest city in Germany for one night only, the reason being that the train ride from Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark was excruciatingly long. So we wanted to break up the tiring train ride (7 hours total) by making a pit stop in an interesting city between the two. Hamburg being our destination of choice. Hamburgers being a big part of that decision. Aside from the delicious burgers, Hamburg was a really lovely city! Being situated on a lake and combining the vibe of small town meets big city made it a really pleasant place to spend the night!


We arrived by fast train from Berlin early Monday afternoon. Our hotel was located on a quaint street filled with local restaurants, shops and markets. It reminded me of a small, yet vibrant town street in Wisconsin… Almost like a Door County vibe, if you’re lucky enough to know what that means ­čÖé The Design Hotel we stayed at, The George, overlooked the water and was hugged by adorable boutiques and caf├ęs. We walked from the train station to the hotel, dropped off our bags, and set out to find the best burger.


A few of the famous burger joints were closed until late at night and weren’t centrally located to where we were staying, but we did stumble upon one that we had read about. Jim Block – supposedly known for having one of the most amazing burgers. The overall experience reminded me a lot of a quick custard place where you order your food, sit, and then wait for your number to be called. Almost like a fast food chain but not as casual as McDonalds (reference: Kopps or Shake Shack for comparisons). It’s funny because Europeans eat their burgers using a knife and fork. If you pick up the burger with your own two hands, the way us Americans do, you get a lot of funny looks (and not the good kind of funny). So Mike and I politely sat at our little booth, sipped our colas, and properly ate our burgers with a full set of utensils. It didn’t feel natural in the least, and I was a little annoyed because this was the type of burger that looked perfect to pick up and eat. Nevertheless, it was fantastic. If I challenged myself hard enough and was OK with feeling uncomfortably full with a not-so-attractive belly for the rest of the day, I could have easily eaten two!


On our walk back towards the hotel down the cute street with all the local restaurants and businesses, we happened upon a stationary/gift shop that displayed a few bottles of wine in the window. Curious as to what this was all about and eager to find a bottle of wine to bring back to our hotel room to drink together and relax, we walked in. For those who don’t know me, I love stationary and all things paper related. If I see an establishment filled with greeting cards, I run towards it. In fact, when I was little, it was a dream of mine to create my own greeting card line for Hallmark (still a secret dream, but maybe not for Hallmark, for something more independent!). With a sore eye for local paper stores, I was excited to browse this hidden treasure. Little did we know, the back of the shop was not filled with anything paper related. It was filled with glass gallons upon gallons of local liquors! See image below. My husband and I stood there in amazement. Jaws dropped. The sweet old lady who owned the gift shop offered us a taste! We ended up hanging out in the back of the shop for a bit longer than expected – tasting all different kinds of schnapps, desert wines and even balsamic vinaigrettes! It was so much fun! We each picked our favorite liquor out (my husband choosing a strong schnapps and me choosing a sweet desert wine) and filled up a small glass jar to take with us. We bought a bottle of wine and went back to the hotel with happy hearts.



It is so nice to go somewhere for a night and just relax. With no agenda of museums or sights to see, it is really refreshing to be able to just sit around in our pajamas and enjoy each other’s company over a bottle of wine and TV. We don’t get too many days like this, our only other time actually doing this was in Innsbruck. So it was really nice. Taking in the peace and quiet, we decided to just dine at the hotel that night and not make a fuss about dinner reservations or getting ready. It was a beautiful evening!

Tuesday morning we boarded the fast train/ferry to Copenhagen. Where we might never return… Because Copenhagen is the best place ever and we are contemplating over-nighting our dog, Calvin, and starting a healthy Danish life together there. Stay tuned to find out whether or not we leave the perfect (literally perfect) city! Until then, Bon voyage!

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