Dreaming of Capri

In Capri I ate a ton of gelato. I actually think there was a day where I had two cones in a row, different flavors, of course! The pizza and the seafood were phenomenal too. If you can’t tell, I love food! Aside from the food, the island of Capri was an absolute dream. From the crystal blue/teal Caribbean-like waters to the adorable tiny cobblestone roads, to the high-end shopping (very high-end) – the city was perfect.

We arrived by ferry from Napoli (Naples, Italy) where we got off the train from Rome early Sunday afternoon. As soon as you walk onto the island by ferry, you stroll through a bit of a chaotic touristy town — this is not the real Capri. A tiny red trolley brings you up a steep hill only to step off into the most dreamy little town. With breathtaking views of the sea and all it’s magic, the town has incredible character. No wonder people honeymoon here! With hundreds of tiny hidden streets with no car access leading us to shops like Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli… the list continues… I was in heaven. Granted I can’t really afford to shop given my recent employment situation and travel plans, nor do I have the room to fit anything in my tiny suitcase, it was still cool to be amongst all the glitz and glamour.

Our boutique hotel sat right in the whimsical town overlooking the water. Being centrally located is very important to us! We had our own private balcony that looked straight to the water and was ideal to watch the birds. It was heaven.




Sunday was our day to explore the hidden streets, which was so fun! It almost felt like we were honeymooning all over again! We had a bottle of wine and got to know the city. At night, we ate dinner at the coolest Mediterranean restaurant – E’ Divino. The ambiance was to die for. It was located on a hidden street that took us entirely too long to find, but as soon as we walked in to see the unique nostalgic haven, we knew it would be worth it. On entering you feel as though you are walking into a house. A house with a lot of character, might I add. You can choose to eat in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, or whichever room suits you! Mike and I sat in between the dining room and the bedroom. The food was simple, service not so great, but over all experience was unlike any other.





On Monday we decided to do what we have been dying to do ever since we heard about it from our friends Tyler and Claire who honeymooned in Capri – and that was to see the infamous Blue Grotto! We hopped on a boat with a company called Laser Capri, where they give you a full tour around the entire island as well as bring you to the Blue Grotto. For any of you who don’t know what the Blue Grotto is… It’s this amazing sea cave right on the coast of Capri – when sunlight passes through its underwater cavity, sunbeams shine through the sea water, creating this beautiful neon blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. Once we arrived at the location of the Blue Grotto, we had to export from the large boat onto a tiny row boat that only fit Mike, me and our guide. We laid down in the tiny row boat and slid under an extremely small cavity, leading us into the illuminating blue space. It was unbelievable and I never wanted to leave!! But you can only stay in there for so long, so we took a couple pictures, soaked in its serenity, and slid right back out! It was indeed an unsurpassable experience. After the hype of the Blue Grotto, Mike and I took a hike along the coast to this huge natural arch that had formed hundreds of years ago. It was unreal. We ate lunch in a lovely outdoor garden, walked around, and before we knew it, it was time for dinner! We dined at an upscale Italian restaurant – Il Geranio – overlooking the water with views of the well known Faraglioni Rocks. It was magical.







Tuesday was our final full day/night in Capri and we woke up to a down pouring rain storm. Lucky for us, the rain died down around noon and we took advantage of the time left that we had. We went on a rather challenging hike all the way down to the Faraglioni Rocks – I complained the entire hike down because it was so slippery from the rain and we forgot to bring water – but it was so incredibly worth it! Blown away by its beauty, we caught ourselves high-fiving in glory from making it down alive. The hike up, I complained even more. My husband is a saint. We ate lunch at what is supposedly the best pizza place on the island – Buca di Bacco – where we felt we deserved two pizzas and a few local beers after the slippery hike we just survived! Delicious and highly recommended! That night, we dined under romantic lemon trees in an actual lemon orchard at the most charming of places – Da Paolino Lemontrees. It was a fairy tale. All of the food was infused with lemon flavors and at the end of dinner, we were each given a lemon hand picked from the orchard! This was another fantastic recommendation given from our good friends Tyler and Claire. And we were so happy we went!



And before I forget! The number one restaurant in all of Capri is actually a side deli that serves the most delicious gelato – it is where I spent a good chunk of my time in the order line – Buonocore Gelateria. I think this is what they serve in heaven 🙂


Wednesday morning we boarded the ferry for Napoli, where we hopped on a train for Florence!

Until I share my stories of Florence, Bon voyage!






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